Two languages. Two approaches.
One impact.

Do you have a transcreation project?

We carry out the creative translation of your text into German or into French.
We develop a concept which is adapted to the target language and culture.
We deliver to you an adaptation which awakens the same emotions as the source text.

Why creative translation rather than classical translation?

Translation and marketing are not great matches. Transcreation does not aim at saying the same thing, but at awakening the same emotions from one language to another. Now, advertising is emotional. So do your image a favor and opt for creative translation.

Creative translation promises a result which is nicer to read/hear. It shakes off the accuracy of the content in order to remain punchy. Aesthetics then serves strategy: the loop is looped.

The name speaks volumes.

You want a multilingual name?

We jump into the details of your project
We organize a multilingual naming workshop
We find the name which reflects your identity.

How does naming with textcult happen?


You provide us with a full briefing about your naming project. We send you an estimate. If you agree with our offer, you send it back to us, signed.


We plunge into the search for multilingual names and separately compile a selection of the best. We verify their availability (by DPMA and INPI’s databases and defined extension).


We organize a naming workshop. Each copywriter presents her selection of names to the other. We analyze their impact together before choosing the best.


We offer you a selection of three to five names. You choose your favorite one and reserve the domain name. We order an “extensive search” from the INPI and the DPMA.


If the results work in your favor, you register your brand name. Otherwise, you can choose one of the other names we proposed to you. Textcult only transfers the copyright of one name to you. We send you the bill.

The text you need.

Are you looking for a copywriting service in French or in German?

We develop a concept which fits in with your media.
We find the tone which corresponds to your message.
We deliver to you the text that you need.

Transcreation or copywriting?

Transcreation is copywriting! Textcult’s two transcreatives are first and foremost copywriters. Copywriting creates an emotion through a message; transcreation creates a message to retrieve an emotion. We master both of these processes: