Team spirit

Ellen Bonte

Project manager - German

Ellen Bonte is responsable for German copywriting

“I am a copywriter for advertising and the Web and German is my mother tongue. My fascination for the Internet also led me to learn the creation of WordPress websites. Clients are often looking for a copywriting service and a new site: it enables me to offer them a global solution.”


Ellen has a bachelor’s degree in intercultural communication and French from the University of Augsburg. She lived in Halifax and in Berlin before setting up in Leipzig.

“What do I love about transcreation? It allows me to explore the subtleties of words, their meanings and the emotions that they arouse. Truly successful transcreation taps into this beauty of language and words.”

Élisabeth Chevillet

Project manager - French

Magnifying glass

Élisabeth has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University Jean Moulin. She lived in Lyon and in Montréal and set up in Germany in 2009.

“I am a copywriter for advertising and the Web and a French native speaker. Writing the claim for your advertising poster or finding the right concept for your website: both are captivating to me. Nowadays, one must be able to adapt to the Web as much as print media and to juggle their respective requirements.”

Élisabeth Chevillet is responsable for French copywriting

“Why I like transcreation? It challenges creativity much more than classical translation. Creative translation requires my qualities as a copywriter and my skills in foreign languages at the same time. I love it!”