Transcreation: Retrieving an Emotion

Your baseline’s pep has been stolen? The pulse of your headline has flatlined? Your mailing has lost its sense of humor? No need to panic: transcreation exists.

When translation reaches its limits

Dive into the world of advertising and you will notice it: a good translation is more than a translation.

You’ve already observed it: translating a claim is not like translating some directions for use. The claim says LOOK. And as we are flooded with hundreds of advertising messages a day, grabbing attention is a demanding enterprise. Meeting this challenge is not within the power of classical translation.

Transcreation takes over

As its name suggests, transcreation means creative translation. It stands for the art of getting a message across in another language, without altering its effect. How? By recreating the original message in order to adapt it in the target language and culture.

So, the process of creative translation consists of moving away, textually, from the source language to obtain an emotionally equivalent effect in the target language. In creating a message to retrieve an emotion.

Tell us about your project

Thanks to the experience of two copywriters and translators with French or German as mother tongues, your message comes through perfectly in German- and French-speaking countries.

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How does transcreation differ from classical translation?

  • The goal. It does not aim to say the same thing in the target language anymore, but to arouse an identical reaction while respecting your identity and your strategy.

  • The process. At Textcult, it is team work. To adapt your text, there are two of us: we are copywriters and translators. Exchange is at the heart of our work. We study subtleties, plays on words and cultural codes of the original text to recreate them in the target language.